Daily Scripture Reading

Daily Scripture Reading

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Dear Friend, 

Daily Scripture reading and prayer are vital habits for personal growth and growing community. Thus, we recommend that you, your family and friends follow the instructions below for your Daily Scripture Reading and Prayer Guide, remembering that many others at Pathway are reading the same scriptures. 


For your daily Scripture reading:

1. Begin with prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus and to guide you into truth.

2. Read and Listen. One person read the passage out loud, slowly and clearly. All others should listen, not read along, and receive the word in silence. When the passage is complete the reader  may say, “This is God’s Word.”  Friends or family members may respond by saying, “Thanks be to God.” All remain silent for a few moments to receive the Word.

3. Conversation. Reflect and dialogue about a new reality that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus makes possible.

4. Pray.  Conclude with prayer.  Thank God for His Word; for a new reality that is possible when Jesus is Lord.


For your daily prayer guide:

Following the reading of Scripture, we recommend that you spend time in prayer (if possible with family and friends), using the following guide.

1. Begin with praise: Focus on a promise of God or character attribute of Jesus, perhaps from the Scripture reading, to praise and worship God.

2. Confession: Confess personal sin and failure; confess “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

3. Intercession:  Pray for the needs of our church as follows: 

  • Sunday: our worship and fellowship together
  • Monday: people who are suffering, sick; for the poor 
  • Tuesday: for friends, neighbors and co-workers who need  the hope of Christ 
  • Wednesday: our children, youth and their leaders
  • Thursday: single people; married people; for divorced or separated people 
  • Friday: for pastors, staff and ministry leaders at Pathway Saturday: for God’s grace in our journey together

4. End with thanksgiving: Thank God for what He has done and what He will do.