Discipleship Pathway

First Church of God is focused on being a Learner’s Church, with a simple, clear and intentional pathway for continual spiritual growth.



Foundational Elements of the Discipleship Pathway


We believe that the Discipleship Pathway begins by attending weekend worship services. This is where the family worships God together and learns from a Pastor who teaches the Word of God and how to apply it to our lives.


We believe every member of the family needs connection with others who are also learning. To fulfill this we have established small groups called LifeGroups where relationships can grow strong and life can be experienced together. Our LifeGroups meet in homes to study and apply the teaching from the weekend worship service. Through growing friendships and being connected with one another LifeGroup members experience life as a part of the church family.


We believe that learning together and living lives that are connected with one another should lead to serving together. Every member of the family must have opportunities to serve. These opportunities can be in helping with the functions of the church, with meeting needs of members of the church family, and since we believe strongly in Jesus Christ’s command to go into all the world and teach the Gospel, with outreach activities to the community and the world.

The Bible clearly teaches that the only way to be in relationship with God is to confess and turn from our sin and receive Jesus Christ as our Savior.  What follows our salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit inside of us as He conforms us to the image of Jesus Christ. This new life in the Spirit produces a spiritual hunger to learn and grow resulting in a changed life on the outside. God’s church plays an important role in this transformational process that we call our Discipleship Pathway.  It’s a process whereby we learn and grow by attending Weekend Worship Services, belong by living connected lives as the family of God in a LifeGroup, and share the Gospel and acts of service together.


Real University

Start, or continue your Discipleship Pathway today by attending a Weekend Worship Service, and joining a LifeGroup, where healthy relationships can be formed. We also offer the opportunity to help new friends learn about the church and get connected through a series of four classes called “Real U”.