Pathway Church

Dear Church Family,

In the spring of 2016, God impressed upon the pastoral leadership at First Church of God an exciting yet challenging task to change the name of our church.  While praying, listening and researching, the leadership developed a comprehensive name change process. Confirming that God was the catalyst behind the vision, and that He provided the purpose and motivation to continue the process, we were ready to begin. In January of 2017, the name change journey was launched! 

You might be wondering “why change the name of our church?” There are many reasons churches, businesses, and organizations choose to change their name. Here are some of the reasons God gave our leadership to address this change.

1. We desire to identify with our community more clearly and emphatically. We desire to reset our public reputation and better communicate who we are, moving into the future.

2. We desire to create a new identity.  We are distinctly different than the church we were 75, or even 25 years ago. God has redirected and refined who we are, and our name should better reflect our identity.

3. We desire to avoid confusion with other church denominations/affiliations.  The word “First” can have negative connotations and is a dated prefix that can communicate over-confidence.  Also, there are at least 14 different major “church of God” movements in the United States which can be confusing as people are looking for a church home.

4. We desire to simply shorten the name. We believe our new name should be quick off the tongue, simple to remember, and not easily confused with other similarly named churches in our area.

Seeking a balanced approach, we formed a Name Change Committee comprised of people in our church body. These people represented all walks of life, generations, and backgrounds. After meeting for research and discussion over many weeks, this committee submitted a comprehensive report (which included a short list of potential names) to the Elder Board and Executive Leadership team. The Pastoral Staff and Elders met, reviewed the report, and considered the recommendation by the Name Change Committee. At the conclusion of this meeting, a new name for First Church of God was decided upon.

We are thrilled to announce the new name for our church is ...


As we continue to be a church that heralds the teaching and learning of God’s Word, it’s important to point out a Biblical inspiration for our new name, found in Psalm 119:105;

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.”

Our existing Discipleship Pathway outlines how God has called our church to grow spiritually together, which also compliments the Pathway Church name. The vision to LEARN, BELONG, and SHARE is explained in our Discipleship Pathway as follows;

“ . . . the church must place a high value on providing a simple, clear and intentional PATHWAY for continual spiritual growth.”

Join us in praying that Pathway Church will continue to be a place where people learn, belong, and share. Pray that God would use our new name to draw those that are spiritually lost and be a safe and inviting place for young families. Pray that Pathway Church would be known as a Bible-teaching and Bible-believing church throughout Indian River County and the entire Treasure Coast. People wanting to know God’s truth and grow in relationship with Him can find those attributes at Pathway Church!

With great excitement & anticipation,

Your Pastors and Elders