TNT Volunteers

Trunk N Treat Volunteers


If you are interested in the parking lot teamfollow this link.

Wednesday, October 25th : 6:30-8:30pm

There are tons of places where we can utilize you! Whether it's working the event or helping prep before, we have a place for everyone to get involved.

***Don't forget, WE NEED CANDY! Drop your candy donations at any of our entrances between now and October 25th)***

For any additional questions, please email us or call us 772.562.2256 ext. 121.


Volunteer Position Descriptions
Provide a Trunk

Arrive at 530pm to setup your trunk that will hand out candy. Festive decorating strongly encouraged! Will be a friendly competition. 

Setup Supervisor

Arrive at 4:30 pm to help event coordinators and setup team to ensure all setup needs are completed before start of event.

Setup team members

Team members to Arrive at 4:30 pm to help with different setup needs necessary for all the areas of the event such as tables setup, supplies, etc.

Registration team members

Arrive by 5:30 pm to go over registration process and details for all participants that are attending. Will include computer input.

Candy runners

Arrive at 5:30 pm to make sure all trunks have candy to begin event and also to keep volunteers stocked with candy through the evening.

Volunteer Supervisor and team members

Arrive by 5:00 pm to check in volunteers before event, answer any questions, etc. To be familiar with needs closer to event kick off time and help assign last minute volunteers.

Parking Lot attendants

Help keep the flow of traffic safe and organized. Please visit THIS LINK for more information!

Clean up team members

To help the clean-up team leader with all aspects of ongoing cleanup during and after event.